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Wouldn't it be refreshing to work with a professional who genuinely cares about you, along with having an amazing experience buying/selling your home? This is exactly what you will enjoy when working with MIO Team at Kenney and Company, caring consultants that will help you achieve your goals in your desired timeframe, with the least stress, and at the best price. When we present your home, you can rely upon top-notch marketing that's truly captivating and sets your home apart, the highest caliber of service and professionalism with responses to prospective buyers interested in your home, and us delivering the BEST possible price...all proven with our Invested Approach.

When purchasing your home, you can rest assured that everything is being handled properly for you. Beginning with arranging for private showings and consulting with our clients on writing an offer that cannot be refused, you will experience relief when we coordinate all of the details. Our refreshing process and communication allow you to continue enjoying life with your family as you look forward to your new home. We promise to be on time, be brutally honest with you and follow through by keeping our word. Reach out to us today for a relaxed initial consultation, one that will be the best 15 minutes you will ever spend on the road to achieving your dreams!



Simple. Streamlined. No pressure.

Call us and we will meet you for a 10 minute initial consultation.


First 5 minutes is about how we work, what makes us different but really how we can be a HUGE help to you.


Second 5 minutes we’ll ask you 7 questions to help you determine if now is the time for you to move or just stay put.


We are interested in what is best for you, not what is best for us. Give us a call and experience the difference of a real estate professional.

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Kimmes Lane
Skyhawk Ct
15270 Bovary Ct
Pinecreek Way
8865 Trottenham Ct
Kittridge Lane


The way we see it you have four options:

1. Stay put

We want to help you make a wise decision. Maybe that means not moving right now.

2. D-I-Y

This course of action can be risky, but it is an option. Make sure you weigh the risks of not properly pricing and not fully understanding sales contracts before proceeding.

3. Use a standard real estate agent

Did you know there are 5,000+ real estate agents in the Pikes Peak Region? It isn’t difficult to get a real estate license, but it takes experience and care to do the job properly.

4. Work with a Real Estate Professional such as ourselves!

We ask you to hold us accountable to specific promises and performance guarantees. Full transparency and complete accountability means you are being served at the highest level possible and the job is being done properly.


Our promises

  • We will be on time.

  • We will do what we say we will do.

  • We will be 100% honest with you.


Our purpose

  • We will consult with you, making sure you make a wise decision.

  • We will negotiate for you, treating your money like our own.

  • We will handle all of the details, making the process stress-free.


Our guarantees

  • We will have your home under contract for a price you desire in 63 days or less or we will give you $2400.

  • This will be the absolute best buying & selling experience of your entire life or we will give you $1000.

  • You can cancel working with us for any reason, with ZERO risk, obligations or headaches. No long term commitments.


Life is too short to live in the wrong house.


Matthew listened to all of our "must haves". We went to A LOT of homes and he never seemed to lose his patience. He is easy to work with and trustworthy. He was very honest about some of the homes he was showing us, by telling us "I don't think this is your house because it doesn't meet what you told me you wanted". He was showing us those homes because we asked him to. Overall a great experience. He even helped us get in contact with our lender for our loan. He never seemed to be pushing us to close. He wanted to make sure that we were sure. We love our home and after living in it for several months we love it even more. No regrets here.

—  Dr. Darquea

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