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Matthew I Orsillo

Team Lead

Husband & Father of Four

Colorado Springs Native

Realtor with a Bachelor of Architecture

300+ Purchase & Sold Transactions


With his architectural background he can help a client view a home’s future beauty through renovation and design. With this unique combination of skills, he assists buyers in looking past the existing and into the potential of what a space, a building or a home could become.


SDE_3848 fav.jpg

Aubrey Morgan


A true native of Colorado Springs, graduating from Rampart H.S. and earned her BA from UCCS and married to her high school sweetheart, Scott. They have continued to call this beautiful city home as they’ve raised their two boys (now 21 and 16) and volunteered most of their time in the last 11 years with Student Ministries at Woodmen Valley Chapel. After twelve years in the field of divorce litigation, Aubrey decided that helping folks make their homes and achieve their dreams along the Front Range was a far more fulfilling career path. Aubrey is the MIO Team specialist in assisting families in navigating the unique opportunities for education, activities, and community involvement. .

B_MikeKenney_138 Stefan_Eiles.jpg

Stefan Eiles

35+ Purchase & Sold Transactions

Property Manager experience for 100+ doors

Realtor with Bachelor's in Marketing and MBA

Specializes in short- and mid-term rentals

Below-average racquetball player

Stefan grew up in the Springs and loved the area too much to stay away. Stefan has lived and worked in the Springs for nearly 20 years and intends to stay for many more. He finds that the more he travels, the more he loves Colorado. Stefan specializes in helping clients purchase investment properties, to include short-, mid- and long-term rentals. Book a short term rental:

Paul headshot.jpg

Paul Wagner


As a committed husband and father of three beautiful children, Paul greatly values family and would be honored to help your family buy or sell a home! He's always found the home buying and selling process enjoyable and exciting, and as an investment property owner and former math and personal finance teacher, He feels uniquely qualified to help his clients understand the many ins and outs of the entire process. Paul loves sports and outdoor activities and especially enjoys basketball, football, Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and backpacking. He's had the privilege of backpacking from Georgia to Maine (Appalachian Trail), Mexico to Canada (Pacific Crest Trail), and Denver to Durango (Colorado Trail), and He takes the same level of patience, persistence, perseverance, and positivity needed to complete these trails into every purchase or sale with my clients. I truly will go the extra mile for you!


Joe Boncha


Joe has a passion for people - location, community, potential and timing all coming together to continue investing in Colorado Springs.  For the past 20 years, he has been an Oracle Database and managed Financial and HR software for Young Life, which is a nonprofit youth organization in 100+ countries, and volunteer leader with local teens  More than just having owned multiple homes and land, his favorite achievement has been pulling his own county permits to build an investment house outside of Breckenridge. Through the process he gained knowledge of codes, inspections, working with contractors and the building process.

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