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buy in cash before you sell!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take your time and find you new DREAM home first and then sell your existing one?  Well now you can. We have a solution that will allow you to sleep at night knowing that your family is not going to be homeless. We can wait patiently for the right house to become available and when it does, we'll be able to get your offer accepted as it will be a 100% cash offer without an appraisal or loan contingency. The seller will choose your offer as it will be the easiest and most likely to close without any hurdles.

So how does this program work?  We have a lender that will buy the new house for you in cash. You move into your new DREAM home, we then sell your home fast for the most amount of money possible. After the sale of your existing home you use your equity as your down payment and buy your new home from the lender for the same price they purchased it for.  The cost of the program is 1.4% of the purchase price of the new home. The best news is that the MIO Team is going to split this fee with you. We'll pay .7% of the new purchase price to help cut this fee in half in order for you to have stress free buying and selling experience.

So what are the next steps? Let's set up a 30 minute initial consultation to see if we are a good fit to work with one another and then let's get you into your new home.

Are you nervous about selling your home because you believe in this hot market you won't be able to find a replacement home?

The problem is that either your down payment for the new home is tied up in the equity of your existing home or you are unable to qualify for a second home with the mortgage on your existing house.  This forces you to sell your home to free up your debt to income ratio and to get your equity out of your house.  Now the race is on to find a new home so you and your family won't be homeless... sounds stressful.

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