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Preferred Attorney Program

Making Sure Your Clients are Well Represented in selling their residential property

Attorney Oversight

We want to ensure that your clients are very well taken care of when it comes to the sale of their home. Additionally, it’s important that you represent their best interest by reviewing the documents at closing and ensuring that everything meets the needs for their legal situation.

In turn, we’ve created a Preferred Attorney Program whereby you as the  attorney representing the home seller will receive a fee of $1,000 on the Property Closing Statement for their representation. This fee will come directly from your client to your firm.


How it Works

With our unique and proven system that sells our client’s home for the most amount of money possible with the least amount of stress to them, we customarily charge a fee of 6% to sell a home. This covers the buyer and seller side of the transaction as well as all Realtors and Brokerages involved.  On all divorcing/estate clients you send to our team, it’s important for you to review the closing documents, ensure it meets the requirements of the divorce decree or estate plan, and represent your client’s best interest. Essentially, you’ll be representing them on their home sale as well.

In turn, we’ll explain to the clients that our fee to implement my proven system is typically 6% but it’s important to have their attorney involved. We’d like to ensure they can pay for their attorney by reducing our fee to 6% minus $1,000 which will allow them to pay $1,000 to you on the Property Closing Statement for their attorney representation. We believe that with estate/divorcing clients, things run more smoothly when an attorney reviews all documents prior to closing. In turn, the home seller is paying you, their attorney, $1,000 directly from the proceeds of the sale and it’s disclosed on the Closing Statement. We personally agree to waive a portion of our fee by $1,000 so the seller can have you, their attorney, representing them on the sale and disbursement of funds for their property.

This is an outstanding way for you to ensure your clients sell their home in agreement with the divorce decree or estate plan and it allows them to pay you an additional $1,000 for representation on this additional transaction you’ll help them with. We always appreciate you passing our name along and we’ll ensure your help with attorney representation on their home sale, to get everyone through a successful closing.


We’d like to discuss this in detail with you so that we can provide mutual clients to each other for our services. Give us a quick call at 719-287-5811 or fill out the form.

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